A diagram representing the history of Cyphercor
A diagram representing the history of Cyphercor

Who we are

Cyphercor is a team of dedicated, thoughtful and forward-thinking people that want to make security accessible rather than get in your way. LoginTC is trusted worldwide by organizations large and small representing virtually every sector of the economy.

Our Products


Reduce Risk

Protects your organization's vision and goals with an additional layer of security.

Prevent Account Takeover

Strong access security keeps your assets safe and bad actors out.

Seamless Integration

One comprehensive solution for all of your application and access needs.

Reduce Cost

Cost-effective solution that can prevent millions in losses from data breaches.

Meet compliance

Fulfill cybersecurity requirements for compliance and to qualify for cyber insurance coverage.

Improves Oversight

Take command and gain key insight into your network’s entry points.


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